Friday, December 16, 2011

Stop Ogling Women

I’ll get right down to it. Men, stop ogling women. It’s gross and you look like a creep.

With that said, women please understand something; men have the innate ability to spot an attractive woman. That is how he found you. The act of finding you did not rob him of this ability or blind him to all others. Oh and men, pretending that it did just cheapens both of you.

However, this ability to recognize an attractive woman does not mean you don’t have to control yourself. You should refrain from leaping in the air, whistling and howling, while your eyes pop out of your head like a cartoon wolf. There are many reasons for suppressing such a reaction if for nothing else so you don’t look like a lunatic.

I am a man. When not with my family I spend most of my time in the company of other men, young and old. (That sounded bad. I just meant I hang out with guys. Don’t judge me.) On multiple occasions I have witnessed old men ogling women half their age. This immediately triggers my canned reproach, “Stop that. You disgust me.”

As for the young men whose company I keep (Why does it keep sounding like that?), I try to teach them that every young lady is somebody’s sister or daughter with the potential to be somebody’s wife and mother. I ask them, “Would you want somebody treating your (sister/daughter/wife/mother) that way?” The response invariably comes, “No.” To which I respond that we should keep in mind that every girl is somebody’s baby.

Don’t get me wrong this is no easy task for two reasons. 1) There’s a reason that one of the adjectives for a beautiful woman is stunning. A man can find himself gawking at a woman without even realizing it. Honestly, it sounds like an excuse but it’s not. And B) there are women who have every intention of flaunting what the good Lord gave them. That is their right I suppose.

I’d like to tackle each of these separately. First, intent matters here boys. If a beautiful woman happens across your path there will inevitably be a Wow factor but that lasts only a second or two; anything longer than that and you’ve entered the creeper zone (If you start hearing Ferris Bueller’s Oh Yeah in your head that’s a giveaway you’ve gone too far). Let me say it is not okay to objectify women in any way. Even in cases where they clearly don’t have respect for themselves that does not give us freedom to be disrespectful. Be a man. Know who you are and remember who they are, whether or not they act like they know. No excuses.

Second, Mademoiselles you can help here. While we have the responsibility to control ourselves no matter what, you can make that so much easier by dressing modestly. I’m not saying you have to wear a hijab or anything but short skirts and cleavage are going to attract our attention like a monkey to a shiny watch. Don’t hang your junk out there for the world to see and then feign offense when some dude stares at you. Help us respect you by respecting yourself.

This message is intended for all men but I’d like to particularly address married men. You are under no circumstances allowed to stare, gaze, gape, gawk, peer, leer, ogle or peep at another woman, EVER. I will jack stomp the next guy who says it’s okay to “look at the menu” because it’s not like he’s going to order. That’s the stupidest analogy I’ve ever heard. What are you doing at that “restaurant” anyway? Go home. There’s no menu there, you just choose from what you’ve already got in the house. Imagine how you’d feel if your wife went around squeezing guys buns and saying, “What? I’m not going to buy it I was just seeing if it was ripe.” For you it’s more than not being disrespectful it’s being considerate of the woman you love. FYI ladies, for those of you wondering I’m rock’n two ripe melons. BOOM! BAM! (The woman I love is no doubt shaking her head right now)

Let me be clear, this goes for women who are up close and personal as well as the women you see on film and in print. Just because she’s famous doesn’t mean she’s not somebody’s little girl. Just because, to a degree, she makes a living having people look at her doesn’t mean you’ve got free reign to be a scoundrel.

Since I know, in some cases, I’m address the lowest common denominator among us and all appeals for reason will fall on deaf ears I’ll make my final case for the worst possible reason to refrain from ogling. Guys, there is no scenario where you look cool checking somebody out. You always come off looking like a putz. It’s pathetic. Not to mention you give them all the power. So quit it.

One last thing. Ladies, feel free to ogle us all you want. We’re not offended in the least. Our self esteem is low enough that we don’t care and crave the attention, so gawk away. We’ll even shake what our mothers gave us upon request.

That is all.


  1. Well, that almost made the playing field even. Almost, except for the fact that you partially blamed women for some of mens' behavior. Please show me where in your post about "mean girls" was there any blame or even mention made to men? I also believe that girls and women need to be modest. This is true, and I do understand why...... but, I was whole heartedly looking forward to reading a complete assault on men! You didn't even scratch the surface.
    However, you may have covered the most important one!

  2. and.....thank you! It is creepy. Men stop going to that restaurant, stop ogling(especially our young daughters!), Stay home the grass is never greener!!!

  3. My husband does this, it's disgusting and women look at me like "What's his problem"? He does it in front of me, even turns his head. He did it to a nurse last night when we were visiting our daughter at the hospital...even turned around, but then he saw I was right there and turned back. I should have called him on it. He makes stupid comments after he gets caught, to pretend he was doing something else...makes him look even more disgusting. He says it's normal. NO! It's not normal to be disrespectful and a pervert. These women are half his age or less, he grosses me out at this point. I just want a husband so opposite of what he is...a porn addict, a dirty old man, and objectifier, a sexualizer and a creep...guess they go hand in had. So over it. Our daughter noticed it last night and looked at me like WTH? Yea, that's not good.

  4. How can we help a partner over come rhis behaviour.

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  6. This subject is very disturbing to me as my bf doesn't look at woman in front of me as he goes in private on internet to look at YouTube videos of twerking And naked women.As he isn't a sexual person regular so I already have complex from that but to see these young girls other races then me also is making me feel I'm not a turn on to him as he got very nasty when I mention saying I'm insecure or he wasn't on there it was our very hurt as the rest of our relationship is good.And I open to watch porn with him as I want to please him and get over my insecurities to know it's not me


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