Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Burger Me

I LOVE BURGERS!! I love 'em. For me, there is nothing better than a plump juicy piece of grilled ground beef topped with cheese and nestled between two toasted buns. And of course to improve said burger you could always add bacon.

Matter of fact that would be the center piece of my death row meal. A 1/2 pound patty medium well topped with sharp cheddar, two thick crispy pieces of hickory smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato and onion on a potato roll. On the bottom bun I'd put thousand island dressing and straight yellow mustard on the top. That's it, no need to go too crazy. Throw in a side of deep fried tater tots and wash it down with some ice cold grape lemonade kool aid (half grape half lemonade, try it and thank me later) and you can hall me off to the executioner.
Side note: I'm not sure what I will do to deserve capital punishment but I want to be prepare all the same. If you haven't figured out your death row meal you really should. Think of it as insurance for the criminally insane, it's a must. Oh and for my death row dessert a warm, fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookie...the size of my head.

I realize I write (and think) a lot about food. Well I didn't get this big by eating rice cakes so deal with it. This latest literary obsessive ranting was triggered by one of my favorite shows How I Met Your Mother. This weeks episode focused on the search for New York's best burger. Marshall gives the most eloquent summation of what a burger is in what I am calling
Ode to the Burger.

I've tried burgers all over the place. That is the first thing I order when I try a new restaurant. I've even ordered a burger at Macayo's. I'm not a burger snob either (although McDonalds you are pushing your luck). Give me a Sour Dough Jack, a Big Buford or a brown bag special from Sonic and I'm a happy man. I've had (and loved) the Widow maker at Claim Jumpers, the Triple King at Fat Burger (you get your picture on the wall for that one) and created my own master piece at Chee Burger Chee Burger (I call it Onion Ring Delite). Big or small, sit down or to go, it really makes no difference to me. As long as all of the essentials are there then just burger me, baby.

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  1. Classic. I love it! I think the best burger I've had so far is from this great little biker bar in Oregon -- and the name is escaping me at the moment -- but I also like Five Guys burgers and fries. They are yummy.


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