Sunday, September 21, 2008

3rd Annual Man Day

Yesterday was our yearly Guyfest which is all about Guy's loves. That's Guy's loves not Guy love.

Now I'm not saying anything like that did or did not happen at Man Day, that's our business (who are you to judge me).

The essence of Man Day, though, is really three fold. First you need Men, or at least guys who can do a serviceable imitation of men. It's really not important how manly they are; they just have to be up for a good time, oh and down with consuming massive amounts of meat.

That brings me to number 2 (yes I said number 2 and every guy who was at Man Day just giggled; that's right number 2 like doodie, ha ha very mature) which is of course meat. You will not find a vegetable at Man Day except the onions we put on our burgers and hot dogs. Man Day is about eating as much meat as your body can tolerate. Is this healthy? No, but like Jeff Foxworthy said, "I believe men die earlier than women because they want to." Well said Jeff, well said. Oh but don't think we're being irresponsible though, thanks to my brother-in-law, we did have a trained medical professional on hand. Of course if he went down we'd all be in trouble but Man Day is not about dwelling on such unpleasant details no matter how inevitable they may sound.

The final ingredient to Man Day is sport. In our case football, but really any sport will do (except curling, I mean come on what the heck is that all about). Sport is something all men can relate to. We can all bask in the glow of competitive games designed so that an individual or team can assert his/their dominance over another.
**disclaimer**If any kids are reading this what I mean by that is it's all about good sportsmanship and fair play. It doesn't matter if you win or lose it's how you play the game.

We had 10 participants in all; each with at least a passable understanding of what it is to be a man. We had four games on two TV's centered around the ASU/Georgia game. We gorged ourselves on chicken wings, bacon-wrapped mini dogs (that's right bacon-wrapped), Jamaican rice and peas (peas are beans so don't think there was anything green at Man Day because there wasn't), Jay's hot dogs (divine) with all the toppings, brawts, burgers, pizza, chips, pineapple upside down cake, M&M's, ice cream, soda (orange creme...hmmm), and of course Kool Aid (nothing really compares to a beverage with a water to sugar ratio of slightly under 2 to 1).

The outcome of the games did not matter as everyone left feeling satisfied (and a little ill). And that's what Man Day is all about.


  1. That Steve Nash video was by far one of the FUNNIEST things I've EVER witnessed!!!! Now now Aaron, people have said you're mr. Funny guy- but I didn't know to what extent until now! WE'RE DYING OVER HERE!!!

  2. Seeing how I am one of only four brothers-in-law, and seening as I was the only brother-in-law at "Man Day", I am assuming (you know what assuming does) that I am the "trained medical professional". Let me just say that it is a really good thing that no one went down. By the way, my kidneys are still processing all the protein for the meat. MMMMMMM.........Your Canadian brother-in-law wouldn't appreciat the curling comment eh.


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