Thursday, September 1, 2011

Close Encounter

Trust me, I know this will sound like a dream or like I’m making it up but this terrifying story is absolutely true. I wouldn’t have believed it myself if it hadn’t happened to me.

I found myself in a room, with only a fuzzy recollection of how I’d gotten there. The walls were plain and the environment sterile. Although I was alone I sensed it would not be for long. Surveying my surroundings I could see the room was lit almost entirely by artificial lighting.

Before I could move, the surface I was laying on began to rise from the floor. I felt a weight on my chest, like being restrained by a thousand blankets, but in place of alarm I felt oddly comforted. Out of nowhere an odd cylindrical device appeared hovering in front of me. It must have been examining me because it swept across my face from left to right emitting an unearthly buzz at certain intervolves and then as quickly as it came it disappeared and the weight lifted.

Alone again the foundation on which I rested descended back towards the floor. Just then I heard sounds of distress and anguish coming from the other side of the wall. Immediately they were almost completely drowned out by the sound of mechanical machinery. A wave of panic swept over me as I lay there helplessly wondering if whatever misfortune occurring in the adjacent cell was meant next for me.

Suddenly a blinding light emerged directly over me. Simultaneously, very calmly and silently, it entered the room from somewhere above and behind me. Its face was covered by a mask of some kind but from the genteel high tone of its voice I gathered that it was probably female.

She wasted no time setting to work on me. First she jammed a long probe into my mouth. I can only imagine it was with the design of extracting vital organs as a vacuum of some sort engaged and began to pull with great force. Somehow I remained calm. Not knowing what it wanted I wasn’t going to show any signs of weakness.

When attempts at extracting my organs through suction failed she moved on. Without word and without warning she plunged a metallic instrument into the open cavity where the first probe still remained. A sharp pointy apparatus whose sole purpose could only be for torture. Then the interrogation began; she questioned me about my family life, my occupation and inane details about the events of that day. Instinctually I began to speak before I could stop myself. Ashamed at how easily I had succumb to this clearly superior being, I tried to console myself that through the pain and torture my garbled words might not be understood.

As she continued to poke and scrape at the soft tissue in the recesses of my skull I wanted to cry out, to beg for mercy, to attempt to break free and run. “Why are you doing this to me?!” I thought. “What do you want from me?! Please, I beg you, let me go!” I had to steel myself against such thoughts for I knew from the tone of her voice that any such supplication would be met with cold indifference. Something that could remain so calm and even friendly while carrying out such unspeakable acts was no doubt past feeling. I gripped the sides of my support with white knuckled fury and desperately tried to remember happier times.

With a new probe she injected a liquidy substance down my throat. Surely this was some sort of advanced enhanced interrogation method akin to water boarding. I fought hard now gasping for air as I attempted not to swallow the liquid and bile filling my mouth. I found unexpected relief from the suction probe still actively engaged. Unwittingly it seemed that her multiple uses of torturous techniques were momentarily canceling each other out.

Finally another figure, her superior from what I could discern, entered the room. Eyes just as cold and empty as the last, this overlord perched opposite from my tormenter. Again the tone of its voice was friendly like the last only deeper, male perhaps. Calmly he produced a reflective sphere and slowly started to circumnavigate the interior of my mouth as if inspecting the work of my afflicter. When he was satisfied he got up and left.

I was then escorted down a long hallway and released into the marvelous light of day; a sight I feared I would never see again. I was free. I don’t know how long I had been held or why, all I knew was that it was over. It was only then I realized they had put something in my hand before liberating me. I looked down to see a card with a date on it, exactly six months from that day. Horror welled up inside of me at the thought of repeating this encounter in six short months. I immediately tried to block it from my mind with a vague inkling that I had previously repeated this exercise.

Believe me I know how this sounds. I wish it weren’t true, but it is. Please I implore you, not to dismiss this or scuff at my wild tale because one day soon it might be you.

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