Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cuteness over Comfort? Really?

At work yesterday I heard the following conversation.

Lady #1 “Cute shoes.”
Lady #2 “Yeah, but they are really uncomfortable.”
Lady #1 “But they look so cute.”
Lady #2 “I know that’s why I got them.”

This has been a constant fascination/quandary of mine. Why do women buy uncomfortable shoes?

Just last week I witnessed a girl, preparing to go home for the day, change her shoes ala Mr. Rogers. When I questioned her on this she explained that pair #1 goes with her outfit and are “cute” but uncomfortable and also not allowed in the lab where she had work to do that day hence the need for pair #2.

I don’t know why I continue to question this behavior as it is clearly insane and I am left baffled each time I peel back another layer of insanity. I keep thinking that I’ll move closer to a logical explanation when in reality I know one doesn’t exist.

I recently purchased a new pair of running shoes. I walked into the store knowing which pair I wanted. My wife had shown me an ad in the paper and I selected the pair that looked good to me. Upon arrival in the store I found my size in the desired pair. Mind you I really like the look of these shoes. However, upon trying them on I found them to be a bit on the uncomfortable side. I tried on several different shoes before finding a pair whose look wasn’t exactly what I was looking for but whose comfort was off the charts. I purchased the shoes and haven’t had a moment of regret.

You see that is what a logical sane person does. You put on a pair of shoes and think ‘Boy these are uncomfortable’ and then you put those shoes back. You do not think ‘Well these babies will probably cause me feet to bleed but they really set off this pant suit. SOLD!’

What is it about shoes that cause women to cast aside common sense and dive into this world of masochism?

Could you image hearing someone say “Sure this blanket feels like sandpaper but it’s so cute.” Or “This hat has cut off all circulation to the top of my head but it’s adorable.” Or “Having to cram myself into this mini Cooper everyday has given me scoliosis but it looks super cool.” No, you’d call the loony bin and have that person carted off for their own protection. So why do we all stand by and allow this self destructive behavior to continue? Who is there among us that will stand up for feet?!

I too, in my quest to understand this sickness, have sat idly by and shook my head and smiled. But no more! It’s time for an intervention. Ladies please, stop this madness. If you try on a pair of shoes that suffocate your feet like a boa constrictor put them back. I don’t care how cute they are, it’s not worth it. Taking off your shoes at the end of the day should not feel like being liberated from a Nazi internment camp.

You spend all the time and money taking care of your body, your skin and your hair but treat your feet like John Rambo passing through Hope, Washington. Why?

They deserve better, you deserve better. Say it with me “My feet are my friends.” Now next time you see a “cute” pair of hoof hurters just ask yourself ‘Would I treat my friends like this?’


  1. Aaron you crack me up...however you, like all men just don't get it. It's not just the shoes...we pluck we tuck we stretch we straighten and maybe most masochistic, we wax! All of these things add up to the women you see everyday. If we ever stopped these rituals the men of the world would not be too happy. :)

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  4. Aaron, I will agree in every way with what Amy said up above. I enjoyed this blog very much and will become a committed follower because of it. I will, however, repond as soon as I can about shoes. In my blog I have actually talked about my new 'cute' shoe purchases. I can not tell you what makes us women 'need' 'cute' shoes, but we do. Perhaps one reason for me is my vertically challanged stature. Thanks, from me, silly uncomfortable, Becky


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